Speechwriting In Five Steps (The Essentials)

Are you new to speechwriting? Do you manage, comment on or contribute to speeches as part of your job? Or, have you been writing speeches for a while and feel the need for a quick refresher? Speechwriting in Five Steps is a course that covers the ‘nuts and bolts’ of speechwriting. In two three-hour sessions you'll cover how to plan, structure, write and add persuasion to a speech. Plus you'll learn metrics and editing tips you can use to produce top-notch drafts.

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Strategic Speechwriting (In Depth Course)

Learn to plan and structure a speech, write the way people talk, weave in metaphors, analogies and examples that simplify complex issues, use visual language to make abstract ideas concrete, tell stories that stick in people's minds, work to tough deadlines, edit a speech and use templates and metrics to achieve rock solid results every time. You’ll participate in eight online sessions, do homework and in-session exercises that will reinforce learning, get lots of individual feedback and advice, and come away with new skills, approaches and confidence. If you write speeches for yourself or others, or if you'd like to get into speechwriting, register for this in-depth course.

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Value Beyond Words (Advanced Skills)

Take a deep dive into some of the speechwriter’s most powerful tools. Explore how to use advanced techniques of persuasion such as a four-part argument that rivets attention. Craft anecdotes and stories to reinforce key ideas. Customize humor to the speaker, topic and audience. Increase the reach of a speech via the editorial page and social media. And boost your creativity so that you're energized and ready to give each assignment your best. If you have some speechwriting background already and would like to boost your skills to greater heights, register for this specialty course.

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Straight To The Point (Presentation Design Skills)

Today, more than ever, people are using presentation tools to share ideas, inspire audiences and move people to decision and action. Yet despite the trend, many presenters lack the skills and insights they need to make the best use of this rapidly evolving medium. Straight To The Point puts the emphasis on bringing together spoken and visual content in a compelling way. You’ll learn how to shape material to connect with and hold the attention of the audience, persuade listeners to the speaker’s point of view, adapt material to the special needs and demands of senior executives, make changes or shorten/lengthen your presentation when circumstances dictate, create handouts people will keep and actually use and handle Q&A sessions with confidence.

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