Speaker Coaching

What came first, the chicken or the egg? Most speaking coaches focus solely on improving their client’s delivery skills. My approach is different. I believe content and delivery are impossible to separate. You can’t concentrate on one without paying careful attention to the other. So, I work on both at the same time. That means working with you in a variety of ways. You choose the options. I can work with you from scratch to prepare your talk. Or, I’ll take a careful look at the material you already have and recommend changes before we begin to rehearse together. Then, I’ll help you adjust your words, ideas and visuals till you’re delivering a highly polished speech or presentation that suits you to a "T".

Writer Coaching

You may not have the budget or the need for help to write a speech or presentation from scratch. But, what if someone could check over your efforts and provide you with insights and advice on how to make them better? We can work together, in person, or online, to bring your work to a high standard. Along the way, you’ll learn communications principals, techniques and templates you can apply to future assignments on your own. So, invest in your own development or that of your team.