Write Out Loud: Strategic Speechwriting Workshop

Monday, October 28, 2019 - Price $675 plus HST
Few media can match the power of a speech to shape opinion, change attitudes or call people to action. But, that doesn’t mean every speech given has impact. While speechwriting isn’t rocket science, it does take skill to craft a talk that will engage listeners, hold their attention and move them towards agreement or action. This workshop provides the knowledge, insights and step by step approach you need to take to plan, organize and write a compelling speech.

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Over the course of a fast-paced day you’ll learn how to:

  • Take a strategic approach to choosing content
  • Analyze the audience and use the info to connect with them
  • Support a speaker (if writing for someone else) and capture the speaker’s voice and personality
  • Choose an objective and define and focus on key messages
  • Frame ideas to resonate with listeners
  • Write the way people talk to achieve a conversational tone
  • Create speech “maps”, outlines, talking points and full scripts
  • Open in a way that draws people in
  • Close on strength by giving people a memorable message or clear call to action
  • Maintain attention with the use of rhetoric, other persuasive devices and solid arguments
  • Breathe life into statistics
  • Use humour any speaker can deliver
  • Make abstract ideas concrete through example, analogy and metaphor
  • Craft anecdotes and stories to reinforce key messages

You’ll also review and analyze video excerpts of speakers on the podium, take part in hands-on exercises and engage in discussion. Plus, I’ll share stories, examples and lessons learned based on my 25-plus years of speechwriting experience and time spent managing a government speechwriting unit. You’ll get a wealth of tips, tools, techniques, tactics and templates that you can use to achieve great results.

There's even more content. We’ll also cover how to:
  • Use speechwriting metrics and digital tools to achieve efficiency
  • Analyze a speech for strengths and weaknesses, and edit it in minutes
  • Make abstractions concrete with visual language so people “see” as well as hear your content
  • Make announcement speeches compelling and quotable
  • Get real benefit from speech planning meetings, interviews with subject matter experts and brief encounters with busy speakers
  • Use speechwriting metrics and apps to increase your efficiency
  • Shift into overdrive to meet tight deadlines.

At the end of the session you’ll take away:
  • A manual filled with how-to articles, checklists, templates, speechwriting metrics, practical tips and resource lists
  • A laminated Speechwriter’s Aide Mémoire for ready reference
  • A copy of the 36-minute video tutorial Write The Way People Talk
  • A “beauty makeover” handout that shows weak writing transformed into powerful prose
  • A certificate of achievement suitable for display
  • A subscription to Pen & Podium, an e-newsletter for people who write and deliver speeches and presentations

And there's even more. You'll be able to:
  • Ask the right questions of event planners, subject matter experts and the speaker you support to make sure your speech is on target
  • Understand why every audience is different and yet the same and how to deal with that contradiction
  • Become more methodical in your approach, solving problems before they become obstacles to success
  • Follow a process and use templates to plan, organize and write a solid speech script
  • Be more strategic in your decisions and in the advice you provide to clients
  • Use speechwriting techniques to improve your writing in every other area of your job
  • Work faster than ever, and, drumroll……
  • Enjoy speechwriting far more than before
I would recommend this course to anyone who gives speeches, writes speeches, or assigns speeches. It'll be time and money well spent.
Cecilia Blanchfield, Human Resources and Skills Development Canada
…Practical information you can apply in real life.
Mireille Khouri, Public Affairs Officer, Canadian Institutes for Health Research
I generally hate being assigned to a speech – now I’m looking forward to the next one.
Brenda Heald, Canadian Co-operative Association
Wendy's presentation style is very accessible and warm, as well as professional and thorough. The handouts and exercises are great too. I'm recommending her speechwriting workshop to my colleagues.
Mary Trafford, Senior Public Affairs Officer, Status of Women Canada

Cancellation Policy
Cancellation policy for public workshops: $50 fee if cancelled up to two weeks before workshop. $100 fee if cancellation is made less than two weeks before workshop. 50 per cent fee if a cancellation is made within 48 hrs of workshop. Full fee charged with less than 48 hours notice. No charge for substitutions.