From Idea To Action: Memos, Slidedocs & Presentations that Get Results

How many great ideas get lost in translation in the move from inspired thought to a document or presentation that can be shared with others? Whatever the number, it's far too many.

In today's fast paced workplace, the ability to get ideas in front of others for decision quickly is a competitive necessity. From Idea to Action leads participants through the process of researching and writing a memo or email for decision, converting it into a slide deck or "slidedoc" and transforming it yet again into an onscreen presentation. Anyone who writes or contribute to memos, slidedocs or presentations, stands to benefit from learning a systematic approach to moving from one medium to another.

In the course of a day you'll explore how to:

  • Analyze the audience and use the information to support their decision-making needs
  • Choose an objective and use it to research and brainstorm the issue or topic
  • Use templates and checklists to give your memo a solid structure
  • Create logical, persuasive arguments that will move listeners toward decision or action
  • Write and edit for clarity and ease of reading
  • Modify a memo to serve as a presentation script
  • Compose clear, simple, visual slides •Write headlines that reinforce key messages
  • Work with builds, animation & video
  • Meet the special needs of senior decision-makers
  • Coordinate the script, show & handout
  • Manage team presentations & Q&A sessions

Wendy employs a variety of media including slides, video and animation to communicate concepts and information and encourages discussion throughout the session. As a working communicator, she also infuses subject material with stories, anecdotes and examples drawn from current real life assignments. Students get to try out new concepts during original exercises. Students are invited to bring memos and presentations they admire or are working on to use as the basis for discussion. They are also encouraged to bring laptop computers so they can use presentation software to create slides. (If students don't have computers, they can still participate in all exercises.)

In addition to a day of instruction, each participant receives:

  • A multimedia show
  • A comprehensive manual
  • A course evaluation form
  • Incidental handouts
  • A laminated Presentation Writer's Checklist
  • A subscription to Pen & Podium, a free monthly e-newsletter for anyone who writes and delivers speeches and presentations