Straight To The Point: Five Steps to Persuasive Presentations

Are you making the most of the presentation medium to influence people and win their support for your ideas? This half-day workshop will give you a system to plan and organize your talk and match it with simple, powerful visuals. You'll learn learn how to put together better presentations, faster.

You’ll leave this fast-paced session ready to:

  • Act strategically in choosing your content
  • Pour your content into a five-part template to give your talk a solid structure and smooth flow
  • Be persuasive in moving your audience towards a conclusion or decision;
  • Create visuals worthy of a graphic artist
  • Make your key ideas sticky in the minds of the audience
  • Meet the special needs and demands of executive audiences and
  • Put together great handouts that people will actually find useful.

Plus, you’ll take away:

  • A manual filled with templates, checklists, guidelines, articles, tips and reading and viewing resources
  • A laminated Presentation Writer’s Checklist
  • A certificate of completion
  • A subscription to Pen & Podium, a monthly e-newsletter that will help you stay current on speech and presentation trends
Wendy illustrates points with real life examples, encourages questions and discussion and conducts hands on exercises to allow you to learn through practice.